Friday, April 26, 2013 threatens to sue an unsatisfied customer is one of many retailers selling trinkets online. If a recent e-mail exchange is representative however, may be using legal threats to keep bad reviews from being posted. Needing to use legal threats to keep people from saying bad things about your company suggests some serious issues with the quality of both the merchandize and the customer service.

I see a few takeaway lessons from the above article.

1. If you order from's California operation, you have to pay to ship the merchandise to Italy to get a refund.

2. Telling you intend to blog about this return policy has, at least for one customer, resulted in threats of legal action.

3. appears willing to contact your employer about reviews of bead necklaces. Seriously, read the article.

Mrs. Rapunzel You can be sure that We will leave reviews and post on social networks about your blackmail and threatens and We surely inform about this matter all the companies You work for in Oklahoma
I don't know about you, but I'd think twice about doing business with a company that would call your boss if you said you didn't like their product or service.