Friday, July 30, 2010

Robert Lanza spews more nonsense

What is this guy smoking anyway?

I'd love to have his job. Toke up, spew a bunch of philosophical and pseudoscience BS, label it an "experiment" or "science" and send it off for publication. Sadly I have to work for a living and produce intelligible content and not transcribed drug trips.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liar or Moron?

I posted the following reply to a woman who made some rather absurd claims about atheists:

I'm a Christian and I found your flat out lies about atheists to be disgusting and an embarrassment to Christendom.

"Please don’t stand for the all atheist in the world, you don’t know every nature they have. Luckily I had a bump in roads with those silliest atheist that’s why I’m stating this fact in my article and in my vid."

So, you're making fun of one specific person and extrapolating their beliefs to ALL theists?

That's no different than claiming Fred Phelps is representative of all Christians or the 9/11 bombers are representative of all Muslims. You're cherry picking a specific individual who doesn't even represent the mainstream of atheist thought.

"Sadly but most of them are rly practicing this silliness."

That's a flat out lie. Did you not read the passage that tells us not to bear false witness against our neighbors?

"I’m pretty sure that you also had an encounter with this kind as well. but you just disregard that without paying any attention into it."

I've never met an atheist who believed in Satan.

The more I read of your comments the more I suspect you're NOT a Christian, but someone who is out to make Christians look ignorant and stupid. The flat out lies you're telling are too absurd to be written off as mere ignorance on your part.

Terrariums for Kids

I need to file this idea away for when my son is a little older.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mercola should learn to fact check

Fruit Juice and Honey both get a lot of their sweetening power from fructose. Mercola must be some kind of idiot to recommend fructose heavy products on one hand but advise against consuming it on the other.
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