Monday, October 12, 2009

The Keanu Reeves Conspiracy Theory

There's a new conspiracy theory floating around the Internet. It's proponents are still trying, and failing, to get some traction so it may yet die on the vine. The theory is an amusing one. Allow me to let one of the posts pimping the theory to speak for itself:

The painting on the far left is of actor Paul Mounet and it was done in 1875. Today, that same actor is known as Keanu Reeves.
But wait! There's more!
According to Wikipedia (Jean) Paul Mounet was a French Actor who lived from October 1847 – February 1922. Keanu Charles Reeves was born born September 2, 1964, leaving about 42 years "unaccounted for" according to the theory.

Is it silly?

Oh yes. The idea of Keanu Reeves having been kicking aorund since 1847 is very silly. The most amusing thing about the entire theory is that the paintings of Mounet provide proponents of this theory even MORE evidence than folks like David Icke and his instance that shape shifting reptilian aliens secretly rule the Earth. If the popularity of conspiracy theories was based on the supporting evidence the Mounet / Reeves "connection" would shoot to the top of the charts.


Nuno Mendonça said...

you should read more not only about david icke but also dozens or hundreds of other people including people that when at government positions were heard like gods but now just because they are on the otherside tru«ying to tell the truth with no greed or ambition what so ever. Im not saying what this guy says is 100 % truth, far from it. But when u see every year hundreds of people that actually fuck up they´re hole carrers just for standing up against a position that is "mainstream" because they know it to be a lie so hard that they´re willing to give up everything includind personal and professional respect to attempt to show US what is really gonig on. These are highly educated people , scientists, astronauts, economics experts, financial analists, etc etc etc that used to work for your government and now work for US. I think they should deserve at least some time before making statments based, i'm guessing on nothing.

I´m not saying it is the truth, what im saying is to not correlate 911, iraque, iran, now lybia, subprime crises (goldman sachs, lehman brothers, aig), federal reserve - inflation, dolar power, terrorism, FEMA camps, the obama deception, and the countdown to economical/financial colapse...

If YOU dont see any relation between what has been going on around the world in every diferent and apparently not connected area, like Banks and Midia, oil and Iraque, Derivitives and Financial crisis or even IMF and the crash of Greece , Irland and my home country (Portugal) then u are not only blind but u do not want to see...

People like David Icke dont exist to tell us the absolute truth, that´s GOD man! these people exist to make us see, often in what looks like to us as crazyness, a diferent reality, the dark side of our so called modern society. Not everything is correct but i would love to say that most of it is BS.. unfortunatly i cant, because im interested, im also a economist with M.D. in Hospital administratio and a lot of financial/economical/social studies analysing the diferent aspects and bases of the 2008 crash and i can tell u without any doubt that it was all planned.
You will see the same if research it .

Im not asking u to believe me or anyone else, you should never do that. Im asking you to research it by yourself and then simply believe in what is clearly truth and what is CLEARLY NOT.

Little explanation in a fun way:

Anonymous said...

It´s a simple case of Reincarnation. Take a look under "" - there you`ll find a LOT more cases like this.

Anonymous said...

it is silly to you because you don't understand the nature of the cosmos.

Anonymous said...

it is silly to you because you don't understand the nature of the cosmos.

Nick said...

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