Friday, April 30, 2010

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus Babbles Again

I've asked Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus to restrict his incoherent diatribes to threads that are actually about him. Instead he chooses to comment on almost every post I make. This wouldn't be a problem if he were actually responding to the content of my posts. Instead he spews the same kind of irrational nonsense that gets him banned from just about every online forum he touches. Since I don't want every post in my blog to become a long list of his bigoted copypasta I've been forced to delete his comments when made outside of the threads dedicated to his special, unhinged brand of insanity.

His latest spew however includes some new material. He's changed things up a bit and I thought I'd give him some recognition for the 15 minutes or so of work he must have put into it.

DM has left a new comment on your post "Speaking in Tongues":
they thought BOOBIES had no effect... WRONG!

see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:

jen is unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN EROS & SCIENCE....


ETA: follow-up

see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION - THAT
OF LIBERATION - not just merely harmless expression...

they thought BOOBIES had no effect... WRONG!
Here DM again fails to make any kind of point. I recommend checking out the links above, as they're a humorous response to a misogynistic Iranian cleric who claimed that indecently dressed women caused Earthquakes. DM appears to agree with the cleric, but fails to articulate any kind of a defense of his position. He also completely fails to make any kind of counter-argument against the female blogger above. He links to two posts that ridicule the woman hating cleric and then gives a grade school "nuh-uh!" style response.

It's tempting to suspect that DM is in fact a deep cover atheist and that his posts are meant not to attack atheism but to ridicule religious beliefs. He comes across as a ham fisted, inarticulate attempt at a religion focused Stephen Colbert impression.
FOR THE *HEADLESS IDIOT* called m.shermer

Again, we have a poorly thought out insult coupled with a link to someone who disagrees with DM's alleged religious beliefs. No attempt is made and saying WHY DM disagrees with this new target. DM merely asserts his disdain for Dr. Shermer and acts as if his disdain were in and of itself relevant and sufficient.

his is your *FINAL WARNING*


DM has used this text before. It's just recycled DM copypasta.

Now I want you to listen to this little f*cker...
This too makes me suspect DM is really a deep cover atheist trying to ridicule religion. He tosses a profanity at James Randi but then cedes the rest of the discussion to James Randi.  If he actually disagreed with what Randi had to say, he's try to construct some kind of a response to the linked video. If the two of them were having a formal debate this would amount to DM's entire response consisting of "My opponent is a f**er, I will now allow him to use both his allotted time and mine to make whatever points he wants." Can you imagine a political candidates' debate running in such a manner?

When I see your UGLY FACE I understand why you are an atheist
Even though DM has used this text before, I still don't know what he's trying to claim. My best guess is that he finds James Randi unattractive and thinks that's why Randi is an atheist.

now I want you to watch this video of DELUSION...
Again, DM lobs and insult and then cedes the rest of the discussion to the opposition. The linked video features a commercial pointing out that most people are responsible, honest members of society not because they fear a cosmic daddy will spank them if they misbehave, but because it's the right thing to do. The video itself makes the point much better than I do and I recommend watching it.

with the atheists:

they start begging when they start dying...
More of the same old same old from DM. He seems to have a fevered vision in his mind of atheists fervently praying to God and begging forgiveness when death approaches. This is part of the same mentality that leads some people to claim that atheists don't actually lack belief in a deity, but are merely angry at God and are denying him out of spite. It's as insulting and dismissive an attitude as using Fred Phelps as an example of the average Christian or judging all Muslims by the 9/11 suicide bombers. It's replacing any attempt at or desire for understanding with a convenient stereotype.


but you have NO ANSWER TO DEATH... therefore you FAIL...

the Death of Ath*ism

What does DM mean by an "answer" to death? Most the atheists I've spoken to about death seem to agree that a cessation of consciousness accompanies physical death and that oblivion follows. That hardly amounts to "NO ANSWER TO DEATH."


Again, DM is acting more like a deep cover atheist than someone with actual religious convictions. The linked video above features psychic Deepak Chopra as one of the defenders of religion. Deepak Chopra was the new age twit who "jokingly" blamed his own meditation for a 2010 earthquake in Baja. Now, if I were trying to mock and ridicule religion, I'd probably want people to equate a belief in God with a blithering idiot like Deepak Chopra.





If DM actually believed in God, he;s know it's God's universe, not his.
you little liars do nothing but antagonize…
The phrase "pot calling the kettle black" comes to mind. Keep in mind, DM posted this in response to a post I made about speaking in tongues. In that post I threat the "Acts of the Apostles" as accurate and the description of the Pentecost miracle of "Speaking in Tongues" as authentic. This was the context that DM felt appropriate for a hate filled rant against atheism. He was the one who introduced atheism to the thread and yet here we see they hypocrite yammering on about atheists antagonizing other people.

What, exactly, does DM think HIS posts are? They're certainly not reasoned debate.
and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…
Clearly DM has not watched Carl Sagan's "Cosmos." Some of the most hopeful writing I've encountered about human destiny came from atheists. For some reason believing we have to do things for ourselves motivates some people. Instead of relying upon God to do everything for us, they go out and pursue the advancement of humanity with their own actions. I want DM to elaborate on what "dreams" he feels atheists have attacked and what they said or did to attack them.
but you LOST…


Crystal Night, Atheists!
Here DM is evoking Kristallnacht, the night NAZI agitators destroyed the businesses and properties of Austrian Jews as a preface to moving them into ghettos and then concentration camps. That's right folks, DM appears to be advocating Christians round up and execute atheists. I'm sure he'd have been right at home during the Spanish inquisition.

Oh, wait, DM claims to believe in the prophesies of Nostradamus. That would have gotten him tortured to death during the Spanish Inquisition.

Have I said this before?
Oh yes, may times. Originality is not DM's forte.


Predictably, the link doesn't actually say anything that supports DM's claims.
Yeah, right.

Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism…

Here we get into familiar territory. DM links to a video that does NOTHING to support any of the nebulous claims he's made. Either he lacks the mental capacity to understand this, or he's continuing his program of mocking religion.
atheists deny their own life element…
Again, DM links to another video that has nothing to do with his claims.
Here we have DM linking to a video by Ray Comfort, a man so incapable of honesty and integrity that Comfort claims food plants that have been heavily bred by humans are "proof" of Creationism because they're so well suited to human use. So far, this video of Ray Comfort's claims about the religious beliefs of Albert Einstein is the closest DM has come to actually supporting any of the anti-atheist rants he's posted.

You know, wool undergarments would explain a good deal about DM's sour, cranky disposition.

What I understand is that Dennis Markuze aka David Mabusis either incapable of rational thought and in desperate need of psychiatric care, or is in fact a deep cover atheist out to mock Christians and drive people away from religion by slandering it with his rants.
Shermer - Randi - Myers - Harris - Dawkins VS. NOSTRADAMUS - EINSTEIN - MARKUZE
you are ANNIHILATED!!!
crystal night is a reference to when the SUN IS ECLIPSED... --------------------------------------
Repent and turn to God or be destroyed...

************************************ or death...

As you can see the rest of his post dissolves into the same kind of disconnected ranting he normally engages in. This latest MD post has convinced me that DM is not the psychologically damaged, mentally challenged psychopath he pretends to be, but is expressing an actual hatred of religion by actively mocking it. Not even a psychologically crazed moron could think any of his posts are actually convincing people or even defending his positions. What they are doing however is making people with religious beliefs look like clinically retarded idiots incapable of coherent thought. DM's rants embody everything the most hostile atheists decry about religion. He embodies the anger, resentment and violent undercurrent that lead to atrocities like the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

In my opinion, Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus is too perfect a parody of religion to be anything but an act.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Speaking in Tongues

I've been having an online discussion with a man who claims that "Speaking in Tongues" involves speaking in an angelic, divine or invented language without understanding anything you're saying. I've countered that the Biblical examples of Speaking in Tongues, such as when the apostles spoke in tongues on Pentecost, involved speaking a language despite having never been taught it, but understanding what was being said. He countered by asking, "why bother to mentioned if it is just understandable language?"

I responded by pointing out they were speaking in a language they had not learned, but was a real language. one has to remember that 1st century Palestine was a melting pot of cultures, but not everyone understood each other. Traveling more than a few days or weeks away would require you to find a translator. Traveling more than a few months would mean it would be nearly miraculous to even FIND someone who spoke both your language and the native language. Even traveling within the Roman Empire and knowing Latin would only let you speak to the educated, not the masses.

Remember the Tower of Babel? When the apostles spoke in tongues on Pentecost they were undoing that curse.

The ease with which one can find a translator these days and the mind boggling scope of a few spoken languages makes it easy to discount the amazing power of the Pentecost miracle of speaking in tongues. I can understand why false prophets try and claim the gift involves speaking in an angelic language despite the complete lack of Biblical support for the claim. When you can enroll at the local university and learn just about any language you want it's easy to forget just how incredible the gift of tongues, speaking to people in their own language despite having never been taught it, really is.

They didn't HAVE university courses in other languages back then. You couldn't go to Borders, pick up a "Spanish 101" DVD series and have a rudimentary understanding of the language in a few months. You needed to either travel to a place and immerse yourself for months to years, or hire one or more tutors. Most people only spoke the languages of their immediate neighbors. Only the wealthy and traders could afford to learn more languages than they grew up with.

And here were these fishermen, these uneducated working class stiffs running around speaking the language of the people who had traveled for weeks or months to be in Jerusalem for passover. The travelers would have been blown away by this. Here they were, needing translators or speaking a pidgin Latin or Hebrew, desperately trying to communicate even the most rudimentary ideas, suddenly being approached by a fisherman who spoke their language with the fluency of a native speaker yet were obviously working class men from the immediate area.

The miracle looses all substance if the Apostles didn't understand what they were saying. Instead of being miraculously connected to visiting foreigners they'd be nothing but a marionette. The visitors would have seen uneducated nobodies reciting a memorized speech. That's not a miracle. That's no better than rote memorization.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How crazy is he?

David Mabus was banned by the David Icke forums.

That's right, his rantings were so repetitive and unsupported that he was banned from a forum dedicated to a man who believes alien reptilian monsters are secretly ruling the Earth. Considering the "V" miniseries to be a public service announcement is less crazy than David Mabus.

Monday, April 19, 2010

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - Gov. Huckabee's foot-in-mouth on Gay issues - ex...

I've gotta say, Mike here is looking more and more like a closet case to me. The fact that he's compared homosexuality to drug use makes me suspect he's suppressing some "jonesing" of his own.

It's only a matter of time before he's outed. You don't equate homosexuality with drug addition unless you yourself are fighting some serious man-love urges. The quivering, butterfly-stomached way he touches the issue of homosexuality screams "denial" with a salivating, unctuous urgency of the kind only heard from within the confines of a Caligula themed, San Francisco bath house.

That's my suspicion anyway.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inhibition of human basophil degranulation by successive histamine dilutions:

I recently finished reading a homeopathy study titled "Inhibition of human basophil degranulation by successive histamine dilutions"

While superficially interesting, the human basophil degranulation test used in that study is a test tube test. It's not a human or even animal trail. Homeopaths can use special pleading all they want but a test tube trial is not how real pharmaceuticals get approved for sale.

I'm STILL looking for homeopathy related, double blind, placebo controlled human trials with a non-trivial sample size that demonstrate a statistically significant effect. Is EVERYTHING homeopaths have really just test tube studies that haven't been replicated?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus found my blog

I was never really into the whole "Ego surfing" thing. I'm not going to claim humility or a lack of narcissism has anything to do with it. The simple fact is there are plenty of men named "Matthew Miller" who are more famous than I am, so I'd have to slog though a lot of data about other people before I found much about me.

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus on the other hand has no such problem. His name is rather distinct so it's not hard to track down references to the name online. It also looks like Dennis / David found my recent blog post about him. He posted a response, which I'll discuss below. Oddly he also posted similar replies to three other posts of the last few weeks, none of which had anything to do with him. I guess he wanted to make sure I noticed him.

Anyway, on to amateur the analysis of the crazy:

David is off to a bad start. The all caps typing is generally considered poor form online. It implies the writer is shouting. The inexplicable * in "atheism" is a clear indication that DM thinks it's a naughty word deserving of censorship, which is just plan silly.

This is a link to a discussion forum where Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus posted a few bits of flotsam, but never made any actual statements or arguments. It's sadly typical of the Markuze posts I've seen online. He seems to think making unsupported statements and linking to unrelated videos constitutes evidence of some kind.
Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...


The youtube video talks about Einstein's theory of relativity in relation to theoretical time travel. It doesn't offer any evidence or claims about the existence or non-existence of God. Aside from mentioning Einstein it is wholly and completely unrelated to his claim of Einstein putting "the final nail in the coffin of atheism". Markuze's "logic" if I can use the word, seems to be to make a wild claim about Einstein and then support his claim by screaming "See! This video mentions Einstein so that PROVES I'm right!" It would be a bit like claiming Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990 and then linking to a video of Beck talking about the health care bill as "evidence" to support the claim.
atheists deny their own life element...

Again, Markuze makes a statement but does nothing to support it. WHAT life element are atheists supposedly denying? What does Markuze even mean by "element"?



Demonstrating he's at least consistent, Markuze makes no sense here. I see no indication of any kind of an attempt to prove a point or argue a particular viewpoint. All Markuze has offered in the above is a string of inarticulate ranting. There's no cohesion, no attempt to state a point and then defend it, nothing. If posts like the ones he made to this blog are a window into his actual thought processes, then it looks like there isn't much there except irrational, broiling antagonism.
add comment moderation to your blasphemy blog, you fool...

Why bother? This is a low traffic blog and most of the people who have posted comments here made actual contributions to the discussions or were at least relevant. There's already a spam filter. Markuze posting his rant in three unrelated posts is the worst I've had in well over a year.

Now, Markuze might very well decide to start spamming this blog with his nonsense. If he restricts his posts to the threads about him and tries to rationally and calmly defend his position, then I welcome his input. If all he does is post the same copypasta to one thread after another then I'll have to turn on comment moderation until he grows bored with me and moves on to the next person who dares mention him online.

And what, pray tell, is so blasphemous about my blog anyway?

Mr Markuze, you have a very poor reputation online. I want to give you the chance to demonstrate a level of rational thought and coherent discussion your critics seem to think beyond your capabilities.

Wait, it's news that Ricky Martin is gay?

Ricky Martin reveals he's a strong, proud gay Latino

Why is this considered news?

Is EVERYONE'S gaydar REALLY that broken?!?

Jesus H Christ. I'm a corn-fed Midwesterner who was raised in a conservative, fundamentalist home and I could tell Ricky Martin was gay back when he was at his peak.

What next, a front page story revealing that Liberace was bisexual??? Should I write a shocking biography revealing the deep, dark secret that Christine Jorgenson used to be a man? Oh! I know! I'll revel in the rumors of a secret gay past in the life of Ted Haggard.

I swear this sort of thing is only news because people are in such deep denial that they fail to notice such things when it first comes to light. They're so terrified of gays that they refuse to pay attention to even obvious clues to someone's sexual orientation. It's downright hilarious that the people who are most likely to care if a person is gay are also the ones least likely to realize it.