Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Never order from awesomecargoods.store

I recently made the mistake of ordering from the web sire awesomecargoods.store as a result of a Facebook ad. It was the first time I'd ordered anything from a Facebook ad and after this experience it's likely to be the last. Like many people I'm working from home during COVID. A comfortable lap desk would be helpful. As a result when I saw the ad for this product at a promotional price I thought it was a good deal.

I placed my order and waited for it to arrive. I paid a total of $25.89 after shipping. When the package arrived it was disconcertingly flat and had a return address that did not inspire confidence.

This is what I received:

As you can see there is a sizable gap between what I ordered and what I received. The garbage I was sent isn't even suitable as lap desk, even a poor one. It's a rickety frame for putting a laptop at an angle.

When I say it's rickety I mean it. There are two small wooden pieces that are supposed to hold the laptop in place.  One of them had already fallen off during shipping. The other chipped from light handling.

The email they'd sent with the tracking information included a gmail address to contact for any problems. I've contacted it and am awaiting a reply. I am not optimistic.