Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Polygamy. and Gay Rights, is there a connection?

A friend wrote Ironically, one of the main arguments they're pushing is that this would open the door to polygamy...

To which I replied:

I've been wondering, how would one implement Polly marriages in 21st century America? Who would have what custody rights over kids? Think of all the database that would have to be completely rewritten to accommodate multiple spouses!

Caps on how many spouses you can put on a company's health plan?

The logistics hurt my mind.

I think Polly unions aren't likely to become legal just because of the practicality of implementation. Gay Marriages are incredibly simple by comparison. I've nothing against either, but the amount of work involved in making Polly marriages happen legally will keep it from becoming a reality until such tome as 80% of the population is clamoring for it and making it a litmus test issue for political support.

Perhaps in a generation or two.

That said, I want to see gay marriages in the near future, if for no other reason than I know a couple lesbian couples who would be wonderful examples of good marriages in general if they got hitched.

In my opinion, anyone who seriously raises the threat of Polly marriages as an argument against gay marriages is hoisting a straw man and using it as a scare tactic. It's not a real progression, and I doubt most people who support gay marriages also support polly relationships. The argument irks me in a number of ways.

Part of me suspects such an argument was concocted by a conservative who couldn't wrap their minds around the idea that people really could be "gay" and not still want to have sex with the opposite sex. I can just see a Pat Robertson type mulling over the idea and concluding that gays must have their same sex partner for "perversion" and an opposite sex lover for "real" sex.

Aside form the fact that I don't consider gay marriages to polly marriages a real or possible progression, the argument that such a transition would be "logical" is an insult to those who are gay and not bi. It smacks of a condescending parent patting a child's head and saying "There there, we know you're not REALLY gay son, sooner or later you'll find a nice girl you like and settle down."

Of course, this is all from someone who has not been a part of the gay rights movement in any way, so I'm pretty tout of touch with the communities involved. Most of what I've been saying is based on my own beliefs and views, and I freely confess that my experiences are drawn from a relatively small scope. I could be way off base, and I'd appreciate anyone who knows more telling me if I'm wrong.

I've yet to see any evidence that people who are not 100% heterosexual are any different than the rest of society, and I see no reason for them to be discriminated against and kept out of the legal and religious institutions that the rest of society cherishes.

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