Friday, December 17, 2004

Fires among the famous.

The original B52s "Love Shack" is a pile of ashes

The cabin was unoccupied and undergoing renovations...building supplies used for the renovation were stolen, which makes the fire suspicious. ...All that's left ... is the burned-out frame and the infamous tin roof.

Damn. I have fond memories involving that song. It was on the radio when-


Nevermind. No comment.

In lighter news, Jim Carey got to do his "Running in a blind panic like a moron" routine in real life

I get up for the (press) junket today and suddenly my house is burning down, and I'm on the balcony like a damsel screaming with a very high pitched voice ... "No one rescued me, no one came, I had to find my own way out.

And we all wish we could have seen it Jim. We all know exactly how you escaped, and wish we could have seen the look on your face when the drain pipe broke as you shimmied down, landing you in the pool, which was being soaked in by a group of Hell's Angels at a brass knuckle convention.

On a side note, I can say that "Holiday Spice Pepsi" does not have any discernible signs of Holiday Spice. It's Pepsi with a different label.

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