Monday, May 9, 2005

PJ of Groklaw.Net, stalking victim

Exclusive: Who Is 'PJ' Pamela Jones of Groklaw.Net? — The now-famous opinion-shaping open source leader Pamela Jones, aka 'PJ,' doesn't give conventional face-to-face interviews. Never has, near as anyone knows.'

Maureen O'Gara is a "journalist" of dubious skill and accuracy. Above is a link to her latest crusade, the destruction of the primary maintainer of A quick read of Maureen's article will reveal a somewhat psychotic hatred, followed up with what amounts to stalking. She, or an agent of hers, tracked groklaw's editor down to a New York Apartment, and then to the home of the woman's mother!

Maureen O'Gara has clearly gone over the deep end, and has resorted to stalking as fodder for her source material, tracking down an web site editor as if she were a consort of Whitey Bulger.

It's clear that SYS-CON and the so called "Linux Business News" are devoid of any journalistic merit, and have quite literally stopped to the level of newspaper tabloids and the Weekly World News.

I used to buy Linux World on the news stand if I saw a headline that interested me. The same goes for a number of SYS-CON publications, but I won't do that anymore. I'm not going to give my money to a company that's supporting a stalker in her morbid obsession with

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