Friday, February 23, 2007

A new Republican stragegy for getting out of Iraq

GOP congressman: U.S. troops should not be policing Iraqi 'civil war'

As I said on's link about this article:

This is a clever strategy to "win" in Iraq.
  1. Declare that the US should only be dealing with insurgents, not the civil war violence.

  2. Ignore all violence committed by Sunni, classifying it as part of the civil war. Since most the insurgents are Sunni, this allows the US to classify the insurgents as part of the Civil War that the US isn't supposed to be involved in.

  3. Declare the insurgents crushed, and offer lip service and condolences to the Iraq government on it's inability to deal with it's Civil War, which the US shouldn't be involved in anyway.

  4. Leave, all the while tsk tsking at the Iraq government for their failure to deal with their own Civil War, despite all the US training and weapons.

  5. When the Iraq government falls, moan about Islam being hostile to Democracy, and toppling a perfectly good government for the sake of religious hatred. remember, this is Iraq being defeated by internal strife, not the USA being defeated.

It's a brilliant strategy and downright Machiavellian in it's operation. It lets the USA declare victory without actually accomplishing anything more than toppling Saddam. As long as the subsequent government sells Oil using the US Dollar and not the Euro, the US won't invade again. (What, you thought we invaded Iraq over WMDs or a Bush family Grudge?)

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