Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Ongoing Decline of Mainstream News

I find it depressing that Chris Crocker's most recent rant is getting so much media attention. A quick review of his previous videos reveals that he makes a habit of over the top, whiny, drama queen rants. The only thing about this rant that sets it apart is that it's about Spears. Crocker is a man who released a video where he was making out with another guy, all the while claiming this man was his biological brother. This of course turned out to be false, as faked and scripted as his rant about Spears.

The media coverage he's receiving is not just proof of the poor research skills of the Mainstream Media, nor is it just proof of how pathetic and vapid news coverage has become.

Crocker has proven once and for all that a single person with a little creativity and no shame can wrap the major news networks around his finger and that the Mainstream News can be played like a fiddle.

The Mainstream News has proven it's irrelevance by reporting the latest bit of Performance Art Flotsam as "news." It's been said that no one ever went bankrupt underestimating the intelligence of the American public. It seems the same is true of the US News Industry.

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