Friday, October 26, 2007

Hangup Call from a Telemarketer

I got a call from 702-520-1152 on Oct 26, 2007 at 7:32 pm. Caller ID identified as "BIZ to BIZ". I picked up and the caller hung up. I called back a few times but the phone just rang and rang and rang. No one answered.

I'm curious who is behind the calls., as there are a few hangup messages on my machine.

I've done a little research on the number 702-520-1152 and a lot of people seem to be getting the same runaround. Someone calls, they hang up without leaving a message and attempts to call back are fruitless. gives the following information on the number:

(702) 520-1152 is Unpublished or Unavailable
Type: Land Line
Provider: Digitcom Services
Location: Las Vegas, NV

While I did find some hints as to who might own the number, I didn't see anything really interesting or verifiable.


Anonymous said...

Matthew- Regarding Digitcom, they have harrassed me at work on my cell phone on a pretty much constant basis for months now. They are telemarketers. If you press 2 to be removed from their list, they just know it's a good # so they call more often. If you press 1 to speak to a live person, they hang up on you in mid-sentence as soon as you start to complain.

Personally, I am at my wit's end, and am about ready to go postal on these people. It's bad enough that I went online tonight to research other people's experiences with Digitcom, and to try and come up with some strategery to get them to stop calling me. Here's what I came up with-

If you call 1-800-464-5446, you can speak to a digitcom representative who will direct you to another line where you can leave a message to have your # blocked from their system. ( 800-461-6675 ).

I did this tonight. Not sure of it will work or not. If it doesnt, I am seriously going to have to drop a summons on these people,and sue their sorry asses because they are breaking the law according to what I have read, and apparently it's 500.00 per violation. I hope these #'s will help you out if the calls continue from these people- which I promise you they will.

- Ty

Anonymous said...

Dear Matthew: We are sorry about this major inconvenience. We, unfortunately feel just as sullied as you feel harassed. Digitcom has phone numbers just like many telephone carriers. Digitcom provides these numbers to wholesalers. In most cases (like in yours), to a wholesaler called Telephone Management Inc. They in turn take those numbers and provide them to their customers who tend to be telemarketers. Digitcom, does not place any calls to any numbers, Digitcom is not soliciting any business, Digitcom does not do any telemarketing, we are simply a phone card and phone numbers company, we don’t sell car insurance, we don't sell anything else. Only Telephone Management's customers are calling you and others. For all complains and issues please go directly to Telephone Management at for a prompt resolution to your problem. Please be sure to complain about pressing 1 and not being taken off the list and pressing 2 and having operators that are unhelpful and rude. We are eager to help people like you have their issues resolved by TM and have set up our own email address: so that people making complains to them can also copy us and we can try and make sure they are following up on these problems. Again sorry for your problems.

Anonymous said...

Well it's nice to know I'm not alone, these parasites have called me many times. Once back at an old address they called me and i pressed 2 to ask to be taken off the list and this guy just got down right rude. I told him if he would just meet me some where i would shove my fist down his throat. He said he knew where i lived and would be at my house soon and for me to get ready to get my a** kicked. Well nothing ever happened. So i just let it go. That was over a year ago. Today 3/22/09 I get a call from some insurance company trying to sell me some insurance. So i wait and dial 2 to ask to be taken off the calling list, guess what the same punk. What the hell ? he says like before he threatens to come to my house and beat me to a pulp (yeah right ) House full of Guns and loaded at that i wish he would . so enough of that. How is it that these jerks can get away with that /

Leo Pusateri said...

I placed my new phone number on the federal Do Not Call list (look it up on Google).

If they continue to call, I may make a tidy $10,000 profit from their boneheaded harrassment.