Friday, November 16, 2007

The Fat Rant

I'm sure most folks have already seen at least one of these videos. They star Joy Nash, an attractive, energetic, creative woman who also happens to be 224 pounds. Her basic message is that "fat" fold should stop letting their weight control their lives. She advocates exercise and a healthy diet, but also points out that 95% to 98% of people who lose more than 75 pounds on a diet regain every ounce within three years. "Success is practically a freak occurrence."

Naturally, when the drones at FOX "News" interviewed her, the host dismissed her by telling her to "Get Healthy" and proceeded to write a follow up article trying to justify the comment.

Of course, like most folks online these days, she has a Blog and a Myspace page.

The Fat Rant

Fat Rant - Confessions of the Compulsive

1 comment:

angel said...

crazy stuff.
but at least shes been realistic about it.

obsesity is a big problem in america too! fox be stepid....