Wednesday, April 16, 2008

StaticOff's inventor is now blaming me for all the negative feedback he's getting on the Internet

Due to a lot of major changes in my life lately, I've had minimal contact with my computer and my blog for the last two weeks. This morning I sat down and skimmed my e-mail to find I'd received notice of yet another youtube comment:

From: StaticOff
Sent: April 16, 2008
Subject: Blogs
It has been brought to our attention that you may be attempting to write to blogs using other bloggers names under different sign-ins in an attempt to discredit them and create the impression they are using the blogging world to attack you. If this is true I would suggest you not only cease doing this but also remove these fictitious blog entries otherwise we will look at legal actions that are available to us.
Thank You.

For the record, I have no idea what Shalom Wertsberger, the inventor of StaticOff, is talking about. He's placed his product on the Internet and appears to be attributing all the negative feedback he gets to me.

Here is my open letter to Shalom Wertsberger:

I have a newborn child in the house and a full time job. I do not have the time or the interest in you or your product to dedicate to attacking you. The last word I'd written about StaticOff was a March 31, 2008 post on my blog where I asked people to post their experiences with StaticOff. It received no constructive replies.

I don't know what blogs, "different sign-ins" or attempts to attack me you are referring to. From what you describe it sounds like someone is attacking me on your behalf. I'd like to remind you that there are a number of teenagers competing for a $500 prize to make the best "StaticOff" video. I find it more likely that one of them decided to rise to your defense. It's also entirely possible that people who happen to use names or logins similar to those of your bloggers are in fact responding.

You claim that someone is trying to discredit me and yet you immediately jump to the conclusion that it's me. To be honest if I were capable of such devious tactics I'd have gone into politics or corporate management. You clearly have some sort of persecution complex and I really don't want to be on the receiving end of your guile every time someone says something you don't like about your precious invention.

I'd exhausted my interest in you and your product in March of 2008. I don't know who is trying to attack me, nor do I really care. This is the Internet and I'm used to trolls and juvenile twits making rude comments. Kindly stop contacting me every time someone says something about StaticOff that didn't come from your marketing department.

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Shalom said...

Mr. Miller,

A friend noted that you are blogging about Staticoff again. So I read your April 16 blog entry, and I guess I have to waste some more time.

I don’t know who sent you the e-mail you quoted but I can assure you it was not me.

In simple terms, you are not important enough to bother with you any longer, despite the fact that you continue to post things that are still FACTUALLY inaccurate in other blogs. I guess there are some people are simply beyond cure and it seems like you are one. At least for now, you are simply not worth any effort.

Congratulations on your newborn child and on finally finding a job. I hope that as a parent you will care sufficiently of being a good example to your child, and learn to consider your actions, act responsibly, and check facts before making statements, etc.

p.s., Just so you can know my identity for certain, in the next 24 hours there will be an auto responder set in the StaticOff web site: e-mail and you will get a confirmation that it is actually me. This will be closed in 24 hours.

Shalom Wertsberger