Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain Campaign Enlisting Trolls to Spam the Internet

It appears that McCain is attempting to manufacture greater web presence through his "Blog Outreach" program. The general idea is to give them a list of talking points and a list of blogs, so they can flood various sites with lock-step posts about the topic McCain wants pimped that day.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me on this- McCain isnt the only one using comment-trolls. I am in the breitbart comment sections pretty much every day ( their articles are frequently linked to drudge ), and I can assure you that the Obama disciples and the Ron Paul wingnuts are trolling all over the place. It does'nt matter if the topic of a given article involves the current weather in chinese turkistan or the price of tea in China- SOMEHOW these people will mamage to blame it on Bush, Cheney, or Haliburton. Sometimes the connections are so tenuous, contorted, and convoluted that all you can do is laugh. McCain's in it to win, and to be fair, he's just doing what everybody else is doing too.