Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scam artists Offer Fake Flu "Immunization" and it's legal.

True Health Holistic Offers Oral Flu Immunization

I often wonder why these scam artist aren't arrested. A company named "True Health" is offering "homeopathic flu immunizations". Their press release makes it sound like this is a good thing.

"There are no dangerous chemicals used in the preparation of homeopathic immunizations"

Well, I suppose that's true. The thing is, all people are getting is water. The "medicine" has been diluted to the point where there's little to no chance of encountering even a single molecule of the alleged medicine. These "medications" flat out don't work. There has never been a properly constructed clinical trial that demonstrated any effect better than placebo. A placebo is, for anyone not familiar with the term, a substance used in trials so test subjects THINK they're getting an active component when they aren't. This means Homeopathy is, according to everything science can tell us, just as effective as taking a sugar pill.


Rene David said...

Although I am not familiar with this particular homeopathic medicine and cannot comment on whether it is legitimate or indeed a "rip off,", nevertheless the writer of this remark clearly has little knowledge of homeopathic, its principles, or its history in the medical lexicon. To discuss the possibility that someone is cheating, well, that is pretty much the status quo in our society for a very many people and companies. But to then relegate the filed of homeopathy, with a long, distinguished, and proven hisotry of effectiveness in curing many disease is simply ignorant.

Matthew Miller said...

You can read my reply to your post in "A Few Notes About Homeopathy"

I'd like to know what you think of this video explaining homeopathy.

James Randi Explains Homeopathy

Are there any actual facts Mr. Randi gets wrong?