Monday, August 17, 2009

Teen Needs Pacemaker After 60 Line-a-Day Cocaine Habit

Teen Needs Pacemaker After 60 Line-a-Day Cocaine Habit
A teenage boy was fitted with a pacemaker after he suffered a heart attack brought on by cocaine abuse, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Tom Bertram, of Portsmouth in Hampshire, England, was spending about $330 a week on cocaine and doing 60 lines a day. Since his heart attack, the teenager told the newspaper he has learned his lesson.

“The doctors said if I took cocaine again I could die, but I’d never do that,” said Bertram, who recently turned 18. “I know I’m lucky to be alive.”

Bertram said he began experimenting with marijuana at the age of 14 and lost interest in soccer, which he used to enjoy. During his 17th birthday party, he was tempted to try cocaine, and thus began his downward spiral.

“Coke gave me such a buzz and I liked the confidence it gave me,” he said. “I never considered the risks.”

However, the “risks” left Bertram with damaged arteries, so he was fitted with a pacemaker to ensure his heart rate does not drop so low again.
You can also see a photo of the young fool who did enough coke to impress Freud.

I'm sure this has done wonders for his life expectancy.

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