Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is this some sort of holistic colon cleanse remedy I haven't heard of?

Some things just hurt one's brain to read:

Fulminant acute colitis following a self-administered hydrofluoric acid enema.

Cappell MS, Simon T.

Department of Medicine, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson (Rutgers) Medical School, New Brunswick.

A 33-yr-old white male presented with bloody diarrhea, leukocytosis, and left lower quadrant direct and rebound tenderness after a self-administered concentrated hydrofluoric acid enema while intoxicated from intranasal cocaine administration. Intraoperative flexible sigmoidoscopy and a gastrografin enema revealed severe mucosal ulceration and edema in the rectum and sigmoid colon. Laparotomy revealed an ulcerated, necrotic, and purulent sigmoid colon and intraperitoneal pus. The patient underwent a limited sigmoid resection and a Hartman procedure. Five months later, the patient presented with a rectal stricture which was resected. This case demonstrates that a hydrofluoric acid enema can cause fulminant acute colitis and chronic colonic strictures.

Hydrofluoric acid, the stuff the guy used in the enema, is used to etch glass. He got the brilliant idea after snorting cocaine. Five months later they were still stitching his rear end back together.

I can suspect Nancy Reagan never thought of using something like this as part of the "Just Say No" campaign.

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