Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foam Baby Foam!

What do you do when the preponderance of modern science says your preferred form of medical quackery is a useless waste of time and totally ineffective?

Why, you start calling people NAZIs of course: HOMEOPATHY: Jew of Nazi Medicine

Here is Dr Novella's response: Homeopath Benneth Jumps the Shark

I find it interesting that none of the links next to Benneth's video point to or mention Dr Novella's response.

I find it hilarious when Benneth says Dr Novella should be an underwear model. I can't help but wonder why Benneth spends so much time imagining Dr Novella in naught but his knickers. It has no relevance to who is right and who is wrong, but unrequited longing could explain the vitriol of Benneth's video when all Novella has done is reference scientific studies and clinical trials.

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