Thursday, May 27, 2010

Responding to the "Rape is equality" moron

This was also written about by PZ Myersin the entry You can tell where this is going, but you can hardly believe it when it gets there

Below is my open letter response to the nit-wit who tried to claim that rape was a man's "right."


Women aren't refusing to sleep with you because you don't have enough money.

They're refusing to sleep with you because you're a loser. I'm not saying that as a joke or an insult, but as a simple statement of fact. Feminist bashing, like racism, is a refuge for sad, pathetic people who perceive themselves as failures and need to blame someone. People like Rush Limbaugh hop on the anti-feminist bandwagon because they know banging that drum will draw in the sad, pathetic losers desperate to blame someone other than themselves for their shortcomings.

I don't know what personal truncations drove you to the point where you actually considered rape to be "OK" but feminists have nothing to do with it. You're just using them as a scapegoat to defer responsibility for your own condition.

Man up and grow a pair. Take some personal responsibility for your condition instead of blaming a straw man vision of feminism.

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