Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon in the News!

The article More to bacon than breakfast takes a few standard recipes and adds bacon. The Spinach and Bacon Quiche sounds a lot like a recipe my wife has prepared in the past. I can attest from personal experience that adding bacon to quiche is a tasty addition. I would further suggest that replacing the spinach with shredded broccoli works wonders.

While I use bacon drippings to make soap, ‘Simmer on you beans' talks about cooking corn bread on bacon drippings, a tasty way to add some flavor and spice to the corn bread. While this works best for savory applications as opposed to sweet ones, the use of bacon in things like chocolate suggests considerable flexibility of even bacon cooked corn bread.

Rising grain prices however may cause a spike in the cost of bacon, as the Irish are determined to encourage pig farming, even as New Zealand farmers are winning awards with free-range pigs.

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