Monday, April 18, 2011

NZ to Throw People into an Internet Memoy Hole

New Zealand has passed a law that purports to allow copyright holders to more easily cut off the Internet connection of Intellectual Property pirates.

There's a dark side to the law however, aside from the fact that technical issues make the New Zealand law useless or at the very least guarantees a lot of innocent bystanders will be caught in the digital crossfire. The law effectively allows anyone with the time and money to file a few dodgy complaints to cut off the Internet connection for a household or business.

If the entirety of the law goes into effect due process is pretty much eliminated and anyone can be kicked off the Internet based upon a few complaints. One guy who knows how to use a proxy server could file a few complaints and get an entire household's Internet connection cut. Is there a NZ blogger who ticked you off? File some dubious file sharing complaints and you can get him and his entire family cut off in one fell swoop. Is a competitor cutting into your profits? File some complaints and they'll lose their Internet connection. Don't like the review someone wrote of your business? Cut off their Internet connection.

Once cut off, getting back on can be a dicey proposition. Employers wouldn't be happy with their Internet connection being jeopardized by a blogger employee, so continuing whatever political or business blogging that got your home connection severed during your lunch break may just get you fired. If you work from home your business and personal connection is dead. All it takes to cut off a family or business in New Zealand will be one person willing to lie about Internet Piracy. Folks like that aren't exactly difficult to find.

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