Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glittering Flaming Con Man for Christ!

Joshua Mills claims he sweats supernatural oil and gold dust:

His web site is a riot:

Joshua Mills "about" page
During his services signs and wonders are commonplace with manifestations of supernatural oil and gold dust, creative healings, supernatural weight-loss, financial miracles, Angelic visitation and heavenly encounters.

Check out Joshua's head shot on the link above. The only way he could be more flaming would be to have a "Friend of Dorothy" pin on an ascot and a cardboard cutout of Margaret Cho in the background.

And he loves male angels.

Joshua Mills also sings!

Oh, and he talks about miraculous teeth whitening. That's right, Jesus will give you white teeth: Xpmedia: Teeth whitening Joshua Mills

Apparently Mr. Mills decided the feather from "Forest Gump" was a message from God:

Do people actually take loons like this seriously? Please tell me the guy from Borat or a similar comedy performance artist is behind this. The idea that people are actually dumb enough to fall for such a shoddy, obvious act is too depressing to contemplate.

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