Friday, March 16, 2012

Karl Giberson, Deception in the name of Chirst

As a Christian, I find it deeply offensive when people lie about atheists and agnostics. Flat out lying about the nature of non-theism does nothing but help believers shore up a false pride and undeserved smugness. Condescending garbage like that spewed by Giberson only serves to alienate the very people he pretends to be ministering to. Giberson's gibbering serves only to harm the body of Christ.

On a side note, I live in Quincy, MA, and have been looking at the local churches. I want to thank Giberson for making it clear I don't have to waste my time on St. Chrysostom's Church. I have no interest in a church that will deliberately lie to me about what others believe in order to encourage the less educated members to circle the wagons. My wife is Jewish, and if St. Chrysostom's Church is as liberal in it's definition of "facts" as Giberson then I really don't want to spend my Sunday mornings being told that the blood libel is real and I married a Christ Killer.

I recommend checking out the excellent article "Uncle Karl says atheists are ignorant of religion" for a breakdown of some of the nonsense and absurdity Giberson spews as if it were based in reality.

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