Sunday, September 9, 2012

The finished beef jerky

The finished beef jerky
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The thing that amazed me most about the process was how incredibly easy it was. Buy some thin sliced beef, marinate it overnight, put it on skewers and dry it in the over for a few hours.

I started with an Oven Beef Jerky recipe I found online. I made a few adjustments. I added a bit of smoked paprika to the marinade. I was out of Worcestershire sauce so I substituted six tablespoons of rice wine vinegar. I figured an acid would be a better substitute than more soy sauce.

The end result was too spicy, as I'd dredged the jerky slices in cracked black pepper before drying them, and I used too much pepper. This was not a major issue, as all I had to do was rub off some of the excess pepper to dial the spice level back down. Next time I'll still add some cracked black pepper, but I'll use far less, more of a spotting than a full dredge.

The bag currently sits in the fridge, offering a quick and easy bite for hungry people. I do not expect it to last much longer. Next, I need to look into what's involved in making it shelf stable enough to ship to a friend overseas, if it isn't already.


The Management said...

you made your own jerky? my boyfriend would love to be your buddy.

Matthew Miller said...

I've updated the post with a link to the recipe I used. I also added some notes on how what I did differed from the original recipe.

I learned that making beef jerky is shockingly easy and quite cheap. It is, literally, about as much work as making Shish Kabobs but with a longer cook time on lower heat.

The Management said...

good to know! I'm a vegetarian myself, but beef jerky is probably The Prince's favourite food, ever. I'll pass along this info to him- he spends a lot of coin on beef jerky at costco!