Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did Kirk Hastings Perjure Himself?

Kirk Hastings has a book on called "The Infinity Man." It's debated if it's a shoddy Superman / Astroboy mash-up, or a straight-up ripoff of the robot incarnation of the "New Gods" character "Infinity Man" owned by DC Comics. Regardless of the book's merits, or lack thereof, it inspired a parody titled "The Infinity Strain." It languished for months on, published through Createspace, doing even worse than Kirk's original book in sales.

Suddenly, Createspace pulled the book due to a copyright claim fro Kirk Hastings. Kirk then contacted the book's author to gloat about it. Check out "The Infinity Saga" blog for the full details and continuing updates on the legal battle, but the short version is Kirk Hastings apparently had to lie on the form he submitted to Createspace to get what he wanted. When the author of the parody tried to reach out to Kirk to settle, Hastings defended himself by asserting the you can only perjure yourself in a court of law. Apparently Kirk Hastings doesn't think lying "counts" unless it's in a court.

I've gotten the impression that Kirk Hastings is used to bullying others to get his way, and based upon the e-mail exchanges on the Infinity Saga Blog, having people stand up to him is something he simply cannot handle. Legal proceedings are underway, and the parody's author is resisting the book on other venues.

Good Luck Noah Miller. Be sure to contact Popehat if you need legal help or to raise public awareness of how Kirk Hastings is abusing the system to take down what appears to be a legitimate and legal parody.

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