Thursday, April 2, 2015

Memories Pizza Owned and Operated by Evil Geniuses

This is a very clever ploy by the Memories Pizza owners. There's a GoFundMe campaign for the pizza place which is fully funded and still collecting money. Given the narrow margins on most restaurants and the pizza shop's location, this campaign is probably going to exceed pizza place's normal annual net by a significant margin. Not too shabby for a time when the owners turn off their phones and stay home for a few days.

The pizza place is too far out of the way for there to be any real long-term consequences for their discriminatory stance, but thanks to the ease with which people who hate homosexuals can be fleeced, they're going to walk away from this with more than enough money to ether carry them through any economic hardship or relocate completely. As a bonus, they're now conservative culture war superstars, with all the profit opportunities that offers.

Memories Pizza is owned and operated by evil geniuses who saw and opportunity and took it.

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K Albritton said...

I am both repulsed and impressed by their ingenuity. I’m leaning more toward repulsed, but you can’t help but give a nod to the genius. Can you imagine the brainstorming session? “I know, I’ll tell people I won’t sell my product to gays for their wedding … even though no homosexual couple in their right mind would ever ask for my product for their wedding. That’s the ticket!”