Thursday, March 18, 2004

Oh Good Grief


The county that was the site of the Scopes ``Monkey Trial'' over the teaching of evolution is asking lawmakers to amend state law so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature.

The Rhea County commissioners approved the request 8-0 Tuesday.

I have to say I'm glad this is only happening at the county level. I think I'd have a fit if it was an entire state that was trying to pull this stunt.

"Crimes against nature."

I can't wait to see the first trial. Hopefully, all they'd have to do is show a video of two male monkeys going at it to demonstrate that it's not a "Crime against nature."

It's things like this that erode my faith in the human race and it's ability to grow and mature. There will always be segments of the society that want to cling to old ideas. I hear the "Flat Earth" society is still quite active.

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