Friday, March 19, 2004

Reviews of books avaliable in the "Baen Free Library"

As the Internet grows, more and more authors are making their work available for free on the Internet. The general idea is that people will enjoy the free content enough to buy the book / CD / Movie / Whatever from the artist(s), thus allowing them to make a comfortable living.

Baen, a publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy books, has taken to putting many of it's offerings online for free. Many books are part of a longer series. Baen also offers e-books which can be purchased. For example, the first two volumes of Rick Cook's Wizardry series are available for free, while subsequent volumes can be purchased as either paperbacks or e-books.

I'd like to find out what people have thought about the other books available in the Baen Free Library. If you've read them online, in an e-book, dead tree or any other format, please post your thoughts and reviews.

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