Monday, November 22, 2004

Never buying another PalmPilot Again

The Palm Pilot I currently own is the LAST one I will ever buy. I, and many other customers, were really screwed over when the Wi-Fi card for the T2 and other models was killed not for technology reasons, but marketing ones. Palm decided they would rather keep working Wi-Fi cards and built in Wi-Fi restricted to the higher end models, even though the T2 hardware would support a Wi-Fi card as easily as any other model.

I bought the T2 because Palm's site made it sound like a Wi-Fi card was on the edge of release. The reality turned out to be they were feeding us a line of BS to push products to customers they HAD to know would be unhappy with being screwed over.

If I had gotten accurate information from the Palm web site, if they'd said "No card will be released for the T2" instead of claiming it was being developed, I would have gotten something else.

No, I'm never buying Palm again. I don't really care what they do with hardware, they've demonstrated they don't care about their customers and are happy to lie to them for short term gains.

I really don't like Microsoft or their products, but Palm is no longer on my list of options.

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