Thursday, December 20, 2007

I-35, the Highway to Righteousness and the "Purity Siege"

Dear God in Heaven, why are so many of your followers such morons?

A few Christian groups have decided that highway I-35, which runs from Canada to Mexico, slicing through the Midwest, is the focus of biblical prophesy, specifically Isaiah 35:8.

The basic idea is that these groups think I-35 is supposed to be a "Highway of Holiness" dedicated to God. To help fulfill this interpretation of prophesy they had a 35 day event where they focused on praying about the highway. They even a series of prayer events they call a "Purity Siege." The idea is to go someplace they see as "sinful" and have a prayer vigil outside,. abortion clinics, gay bars, adult video stores and the like have all been targeted.

Never mind the fact that the verse in question has nothing to do with modern highways.

The 700 Club, of course, thinks this is a keen idea, and has a hilarious if disturbing report on the phenomenon. I highly recommend the section about 2:45 into the video where a young man claims to have been "touched by the power of God" in a way that sounds more like a Dragonball-Z battle than a religious event.

One line that stands out in my mind is: "Sabil felt God moving in him then, saving him and taking away his homosexuality."

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