Friday, December 14, 2007

This is your Captain Calling

I got another automated telemarketer call today. This time it started off with a crackling, pre-recorded fog horn followed by a recording telling me to "Press 1 to take the survey and get your FREE boarding passes." I took the survey, making sure to provide wildly inaccurate information. Once the survey was complete, I was transferred to an operator. I told him that I wanted to be placed on the "Do not call list" at which point he transferred me to another automated system. This one read my phone number to me, and then announced that I would "No longer receive opportunities to--" I hung up at that point, having lost interest in their pathetic attempt to make me feel sorry for wanting to be left the Hell alone.

Here is what Caller ID had to say about them:
12/14/2007 12:29PM
PCS Phone GA


Anonymous said...

Did you get any charges for the call to the live operator....I just had the same thing, pressed 1 and hung up....wouldn't hang up...when I picked it up there was a live operator asking for my name...again hung up

Qrystal said...

I just had one of these calls too, same bad foghorn and "This is your Captain Calling". The Caller ID said 000-000-0000.

When the voice said to press 1 to take the survey, I pressed 0. It gave me the survey anyways. I proceeded to answer each question with 0, *, or #, hoping one would get me through to someone I could ask to remove me from the calling list, but alas -- instead, I was told that I was disqualified from getting my tickets because I answered the survey questions inappropriately. Click, call ends, and I'm left feeling slightly snubbed (but laughing anyways). Laughing, except that I'm now NOT on the Do Not Call list. Damn!