Monday, March 31, 2008

Seeking StaticOff Reviews

Has anyone actually used the StaticOff?

It's a wall switch replacement. After a series of unpleasant exchanges with the StaticOff inventor, I find myself wondering if the product actually works. I have no proof either way, having never used one myself.

If you've used the StaticOff, please post your review, positive or negative, as a comment to this post or e-mail me at staticoff @ onlineconfessional dot com


Anonymous said...

No takers, huh?

Unknown said...

Mr Miller:
Two comments:
1. There may be no takers for your kind offer of receiving reviews of Staticoff simply because your blog overall does not receive much interest ( I only stumbled on it when doing a search for Saticoff).
2. I am sure if you contacted Staticoff for reviews the company would be only too happy to put you in touch with customers who are happy with the product.
For full disclosure - I represent the company.

Matthew Miller said...


After the exchange that sparked my post "Who is" I have serious doubts about anyone claiming to represent StaticOff. Forgive me if I take your claim to "represent the company" with a grain of salt.

To address your actual points:

1. "Seeking StaticOff Reviews" has been on the front page of Google search results for "StaticOff" since Mar 31, 2008. This blog may be obscure, but anyone who's been researching StaticOff would have seen the request.

2. What kind of an idiot contacts the manufacturer for an accurate picture of how customers view a given product? I don't care who the manufacturer is, anything they send in response will likely be marketing fluff, designed to give a positive view of the company, regardless of what customers think.

Take a look at my recent post about Stevia. If I'd limited myself to claims made by Stevia producers, I'd have come away thinking there was an unfair bias against a harmless plant. Digging deeper revealed there are serious and legitimate concerns about the safety of Stevia, mainly surrounding its impact on reproduction.

If you want an accurate view of a thing, you need multiple sources.