Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When will Erick Erickson be outed?

I've long suspected that the most outspoken, angry and paranoid anti-gay activists are closeted homosexuals. In my estimation their hate fueled diatribes are not expressions of moral certainly or religious zeal, but the burbling emissions of a deep seated self loathing. There's research linking homophobia to homosexual arousal. The cases of men like Ted Haggard only add real life examples to fuel the theory.

Based on this information, I'd like to suggest that Erick Erickson might be gay. Erick Erickson's anti-gay vitriol leaves little doubt about his homophobia. For example, Erickson compared hiring a homosexual to supporting NAMBLA in one essay. In that essay he gave the impression that he sees no difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. Kevin Jennings was not the only person to face the business end of Erickson's rhetoric . Obama and Ted Kennedy are among the folks who have been on the business end of his ire.

It's his anti-gay statements that interest me most. His inability distinguish between homosexuality and pedophilia for example is the sort of thing I've come to expect from political nutjobs being eaten alive by their own desire for a wild night with Ricky Martin.

The question then becomes, how long will it be before someone outs him? How long before a past lover comes forward to reveal steamy, seedy secrets about late night bath house encounters? Will some staffer at CNN discover a gay porn stash on Erickson's PC? More importantly, are there any offshore gambling sites that will let me set up a pool on when Erickson will be outed?