Friday, November 18, 2011

Keith Ward covered up a murder

Theologian Keith Ward has confessed to helping cover up a murder.

Theologian Keith Ward saw his father kill a man.

my father worked as a double-agent for MI6 and the KGB during the “Cold War”. He told me this on his death-bed, in view of the fact that I had once seen him kill a man. The Section of which he was a member was disbanded and all record of it expunged, and all those who knew that he was a member of it had long since died. This is certainly a factual claim. If true, he certainly knew that it was true. I reasonably believe that it is true. But there is absolutely no way of empirically verifying or falsifying it. QED.

He doesn't say how much time elapsed between witnessing the murder and the alleged death bed confession. How long did he conceal the murder before getting this "explanation?" Why in God's name should we trust a man who gleefully helps his father conceal a murder with no apparent explanation, keeping the secret until his father has passed away and offered an evidence free, hand waving excuse of "Oh, I was in the MI6, so it's OK."

Ward offers no evidence that his father actually worked for the MI6, The complete lack of evidence beyond his father's word is the POINT of the haphazard philosophical point he's trying to make in the linked content.

Under the law, helping a murderer cover up a murder makes you culpable.

Whose murder is Keith Ward keeping secret? Was an innocent man accused, imprisoned or executed for the crime? Keith Ward must put a very low value on human life if he considers his father committing murder to be nothing more than fodder for a philosophical debate.

Of course, we have only Ward's word that the murder and the deathbed confession happened in the first place. Is Ward basing his argument son a chain of lies, or did he really confess to helping his father literally get away with murder?

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