Thursday, March 7, 2013

What does the Global Wildlife center have to say?

There's a new chapter in the saga of Ken Matherne's latest exchanges. He's sent a few letters to techdirt. Ken Matherne Tells Techdirt That Law is Law, Consequences Will Never Be The Same Eager to get more details on this exchange, I contacted the Global Wildlife Center through it's "Contact Us" form. Subject: Ken Matherne correspondence.
I'm writing an article about Ken Matherne's recent correspondence with the Popehat and Techdirt web sites. Since your organization is referenced extensively by all parties involved in the exchange, I wanted to find out if the Global Wildlife Center has an official stance on the exchange. Does Mr. Matherne have legal authority to speak on behalf of GWC on legal matters? Will GWC resources be used to pursue the legal actions alluded to by Mr. Matherne? What is Mr. Matherne's current position with the GWC? Sincerely, Matthew Miller
I'm looking forward to a reply, but I'm not holding my breath.

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