Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elliot Rodger was a Loser

I consider it a mark of my good taste in friends that I have yet to see a single post defending Elliot Rodger.

I've been through dry spells in life. It's frustrating. Never once did I feel the urge to go out and hurt anyone else over it. But then, I didn't wallow in self-aggrandizing BS that depicted any women who said "no" as a villain denying me something I deserved. I wasn't so egotistical that I convinced myself that there couldn't possibly be anything in my behavior causing the rejections.

I did what any sane person would do, what I would expect anyone else to do. I took a good hard look at myself and asked some female friends of mine why I was striking out. Unlike Elliot Rodger, I didn't seek the consul of other men who were also striking out. Talk about the blind leading the blind. I asked women.

Then again, I actually have female friends I can talk to about this sort of thing. It looks like Elliot Rodger's toxic personality and total lack of remedial communication skills meant he didn't even have that resource to turn to. You'd think the fact he couldn't even maintain a friendship with a woman would have been a red flag to the moron, an indication that his family's endless efforts to get him psychiatric care might have been the right course of action.

If you read his manifesto or watch his videos you realize one of Elliot Rodger's big problems was he expected women to come to HIM. He didn't have the guts, even with his overblown and unjustified ego, to ask a woman out. I was at least asking women out. Rodger, despite his rampant egotism and self-entitlement, couldn't bring himself to even TRY. He was a baseball player who never even tried out for a team complaining about his lack of major league home runs.

Academically he was a lackluster performer. He never even HAD a job, because he refused to take anything entry level, deeming it "beneath" him. His parents had wealth, but not the kind that would result in a lifelong trust fund for their ambulatory ID offspring. As a result, he wasn't even going to attract a "gold digger" who just wanted to marry well. He had, quite literally NOTHING going for him and he was so self-entitled that he was convinced the world needed to change to accommodate him, not the other way around.

In the end, he committed suicide, but he was so self-centered and frightened that he couldn't bring himself to do it alone, he had to take other people with him. Instead of growing up and learning to behave as a worthwhile human being, he took the easy way out.


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Yep yep and yep.

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He was a hero.

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Lol at the two loser celebrating this loser here