Thursday, February 24, 2005

Biblical Marriages.

Just a thought I had in reference to this thread about The Bush Administration appointing the Gator CPO to a post with the Department of Homeland Security

Wait a second...

The Marriages described in The Bible allow men to have as many wives as they can afford, concubines, especially if they can't get an acceptable heir out of one of the wives, and the women are treated as property with no rights of their own.

So I guess if I wanted to have a "Biblical" marriage, I'd have to be a particularly unpleasant polygamist Mormon.

Oh, and kick each wife out of the house while she's having her period, because she's unclean.

And kill any of them who cheat on me.

Man, this "Biblical Marriage" thing sounds like far too much work, expense and surveillance. I'll stick with my current marriage. This whole "Equal Partner" thing works much better in my opinion.

And as a side note, in my experience, Lesbian couples have FUN weddings. Far less stuffy and more fun than the normal "Church, white wedding, reception at a bad event center".

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