Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Phone calls from Global Travel International

So I'm sitting at my desk, and my cell phone rings at 5:02 pm with “Unavailable” as the phone number. As calls from my mother often have this designation, I answered it.

It was another recording from Global Travel International.

During the message, I heard the “Call Waiting” beep, so I hung up, and answered the incoming call.

It was yet ANOTHER recording from Global Travel International. It was still 5:02 pm.

So, rather pissed off, I called them at 888-521-0176, where I spoke with “Mark.”

He said that my phone number had been entered into their web site on 2-10-2005, and that the e-mail address that had been provided was:

He deleted me from the database.

I told him I wanted my number placed on their permanent Do Not Call List.

His reply is what's infuriated me. He said that, per the Federal Do Not Call regulations, if someone requests information from them, and provides my phone number, they can call me.

He further stated that if my phone number was submitted AGAIN they WOULD call me again.

The fact that this is a cell phone was not a factor.

Mark then gave me what he said was his direct line at 800-717-4230. Haven't called it yet though.

This brings me to a question: Anyone know if their refusal to leave me alone is legal? Can they really just call whoever they want if someone else provides a phone number, even if someone from that number has already called to complain?

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