Friday, February 11, 2005

Some cute, some cool

Just a silly forward I was sent by a coworker. I'm bothering to post it because, unlike most silly forwards, it actually has some cool images in it.
IntroSmoke SpiralCloudsForest Fire, Far View
FireworksRainbowsForest Fire with HouseLightning, City
Lightning, CountryLightning, RiverRed SkyJet on the Moon
Sept 11 FlagReflection of FlagNight Sky from SpaceSpace Shuttle
Jupiter and MoonNebulaAmerican Eagle catching FishFish in Trouble
Polar Bear MoonPolar Bear BOO!Whale under OceanWet Bunny
Bird getting fast foodLove your DogBaby BearStuck Ducks
Dog and her KittensLight House, in Light SprayForest Fire, RiverAttack Grasshopper
Lake and IceBOOM!God hates BudTree
Mighty Hunter DuckTomato SpalshGood ByeNothing to see here
Posted by Halleyscomet at 10:38 AM

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