Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The article "4 (Harmless) Ways to Make a Man Jealous" is a blueprint for how to be a vapid, pathetic "partner." Head games like this are not the building blocks of a healthy long term relationship, but the way in which short term, high drama abortions get lionized and relabeled as "relationships." The article above won't contribute to a relationship, it will merely help degrade it.

I can't help but wonder who David Zinczenko thinks less of, men or women. The article makes it clear he thinks men are easily manipulated morons whose feelings exist only to be toyed with for a woman's own ends. On the flip side, he apparently sees women as heartless puppet masters who view men as little more than a wallet and potential sperm donors. One wonders what kind of loveless, high drama "relationships" David Zinczenko has lived through if he thinks this article is good advice.

I pity anyone who reads David Zinczenko's drivel and tries to implement it. They're clearly so lost when it comes to love and relationships that the average Cosmo article is beyond them.

The only good thing about the article is response at

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angel said...

i read the article. pretty stupid. but then some people are stupid enough to think that.

i've so had it up to hear with the damn mind games.

so glad me and the bf be keeping it real. its rare to find a gem like that. :)