Friday, April 2, 2010

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus found my blog

I was never really into the whole "Ego surfing" thing. I'm not going to claim humility or a lack of narcissism has anything to do with it. The simple fact is there are plenty of men named "Matthew Miller" who are more famous than I am, so I'd have to slog though a lot of data about other people before I found much about me.

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus on the other hand has no such problem. His name is rather distinct so it's not hard to track down references to the name online. It also looks like Dennis / David found my recent blog post about him. He posted a response, which I'll discuss below. Oddly he also posted similar replies to three other posts of the last few weeks, none of which had anything to do with him. I guess he wanted to make sure I noticed him.

Anyway, on to amateur the analysis of the crazy:

David is off to a bad start. The all caps typing is generally considered poor form online. It implies the writer is shouting. The inexplicable * in "atheism" is a clear indication that DM thinks it's a naughty word deserving of censorship, which is just plan silly.

This is a link to a discussion forum where Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus posted a few bits of flotsam, but never made any actual statements or arguments. It's sadly typical of the Markuze posts I've seen online. He seems to think making unsupported statements and linking to unrelated videos constitutes evidence of some kind.
Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...


The youtube video talks about Einstein's theory of relativity in relation to theoretical time travel. It doesn't offer any evidence or claims about the existence or non-existence of God. Aside from mentioning Einstein it is wholly and completely unrelated to his claim of Einstein putting "the final nail in the coffin of atheism". Markuze's "logic" if I can use the word, seems to be to make a wild claim about Einstein and then support his claim by screaming "See! This video mentions Einstein so that PROVES I'm right!" It would be a bit like claiming Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990 and then linking to a video of Beck talking about the health care bill as "evidence" to support the claim.
atheists deny their own life element...

Again, Markuze makes a statement but does nothing to support it. WHAT life element are atheists supposedly denying? What does Markuze even mean by "element"?



Demonstrating he's at least consistent, Markuze makes no sense here. I see no indication of any kind of an attempt to prove a point or argue a particular viewpoint. All Markuze has offered in the above is a string of inarticulate ranting. There's no cohesion, no attempt to state a point and then defend it, nothing. If posts like the ones he made to this blog are a window into his actual thought processes, then it looks like there isn't much there except irrational, broiling antagonism.
add comment moderation to your blasphemy blog, you fool...

Why bother? This is a low traffic blog and most of the people who have posted comments here made actual contributions to the discussions or were at least relevant. There's already a spam filter. Markuze posting his rant in three unrelated posts is the worst I've had in well over a year.

Now, Markuze might very well decide to start spamming this blog with his nonsense. If he restricts his posts to the threads about him and tries to rationally and calmly defend his position, then I welcome his input. If all he does is post the same copypasta to one thread after another then I'll have to turn on comment moderation until he grows bored with me and moves on to the next person who dares mention him online.

And what, pray tell, is so blasphemous about my blog anyway?

Mr Markuze, you have a very poor reputation online. I want to give you the chance to demonstrate a level of rational thought and coherent discussion your critics seem to think beyond your capabilities.


Matthew Miller said...

Sadly, this is about what I expected from David. I'd hoped for a more articulate, intelligent response but received only the same tired old nonsense. Note that David has reused a good deal of the original material that I've already addressed. He linked to the same forum thread and youtube video he used previously. He failed to provide ANY explanation of how these links support his central claim, or even offer information on WHAT his central claim might be. The closest he comes to anything new is the following rant:



you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

but you LOST…

He doesn't give any examples of WHAT alleged lies atheists have supposedly told to rile him so much. More to the point he very arrogantly declares ownership of the entire universe with the sentence "GET OUT OF MY UNIVERSE". I hate to break it to David, but from the viewpoint of many religions the universe is not ours to begin with, but God's. Is he declaring himself to be God, or is he merely ranting, discarding any claim of ownership a deity may have to the universe he/she/it created?

Finally he claims that atheists "try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity". I don't really know where he gets this claim and he couldn't be bothered to try and support it. I defy anyone to watch Carl Sagan's Cosmos and come away from that honestly believing that Sagan, an atheist, had anything BUT hope and dreams for humanity. If anything, atheists have more hope for humanity than most theists. Marginally Christian cults have been eagerly anticipating the imminent end of the world for 2,000 years. The "Rapture ready" crowd is just the latest incarnation of a long line of psychopaths eagerly anticipating the violent, painful death of the "other" and avoiding any long term thinking for humanity as a whole. The Christian example is merely the most recent one. The human race has a long track record of fantasizing about Armageddon to avoid thinking about the future.

How can you honestly hope and dream for humanity if a central tenant of your belief system is anticipating the world itself coming to an end in your own lifetime?

Matthew Miller said...

In this most recent post, David once again largely repeated his past impotent and uninteresting material. The only addition was:




Sadly, this is just a continuation of his past unsupported statements. We have yet to see ANY attempt by David to make and support an actual point. So far all David Mabus has done is rant about atheists. It's not even a very interesting rant. David has made it very clear he dislikes atheists. The problem is he has yet to offer ANY reason for this dislike or any information on WHY he thinks atheism is a doomed philosophy. I'm left with the following possible explanations:

1. David is just a troll. This seems unlikely given his devotion to posting his rants. At one point the moderators at the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe forum had to ban several Canadian IP addresses because David Mabus was apparently going from one coffee shop to another creating one sock puppet account after another only to get banned for his mindless copypasta.

2. David Mabus is not reading my comments and is just posting stock replies. This strikes me as the most likely explanation.

3. David Mabus lacks the mental capacity to understand my questions and to formulate a response.

These are just speculation however.

Glendon Mellow said...

Yeah, the Asterisk-Fairy bestowed his magical dust on me too. Repeatedly. I keep hitting delete.

Matthew Miller said...

Again, Mabus makes no effort to actually make and argue a point, he just spews links.

His most recent link to the ABC program Faceoff features psychic Deepak Chopra as the best defense the divine has. It doens't say much for Mabus that the closest he comes to a point consists of linking to a man who claimed to have caused an earthquake by meditating too hard.

Glendon Mellow said...

I'm still stunned by Chopra's ego in that instance. Like, if you could really cause earthquakes, like some sort of mutant/Smallville person, why would you announce it? After Haiti, people would just hunt you down.

Anyway. I was thinking I might try and get out of Markuze's universe for a while by using the Subtle Knife and visiting Jordan College.

Anonymous said...

Atheists go to jail

The law wins heathens.

Roma Hicks said...

Did you actually read the article?

He went to back to jail because he refused a treatment for an addiction on religious freedom. Because it was court ordered they sent him to jail, but now he is fighting against it, and probably will win quite easily as it does violate religious freedom.

Why don't you read the article before spewing material that doesn't really support what you are claiming. Additionally what does this even have to do with the OP?