Friday, April 2, 2010

Wait, it's news that Ricky Martin is gay?

Ricky Martin reveals he's a strong, proud gay Latino

Why is this considered news?

Is EVERYONE'S gaydar REALLY that broken?!?

Jesus H Christ. I'm a corn-fed Midwesterner who was raised in a conservative, fundamentalist home and I could tell Ricky Martin was gay back when he was at his peak.

What next, a front page story revealing that Liberace was bisexual??? Should I write a shocking biography revealing the deep, dark secret that Christine Jorgenson used to be a man? Oh! I know! I'll revel in the rumors of a secret gay past in the life of Ted Haggard.

I swear this sort of thing is only news because people are in such deep denial that they fail to notice such things when it first comes to light. They're so terrified of gays that they refuse to pay attention to even obvious clues to someone's sexual orientation. It's downright hilarious that the people who are most likely to care if a person is gay are also the ones least likely to realize it.

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