Saturday, April 17, 2010



Hopelessly Imperfect said...

That second one was a rabbit, not a cat so I don't think it belongs :p these are cute. I usually hate cat pictures. My sister in law is obsessed with the damn things. Even gave me a 1000 piece puzzle of nothing but cats which I will not be putting together. I love cats but must the rest of the world be so hung up on them? Pick a new animal for crying out loud! Raccoons are pretty damn cute, give them their day.

Matthew Miller said...

Ahh, David, your repetitive ramblings are quite predictable. How can you honestly claim to follow a deity when you're so clearly full of violence and hatred? What religion do you claim to follow? Why are you so full of hatred for people who have different beliefs than you? Where does this blind, unguided anger come from?

If you claim to be Christian then you're cut from the same cloth as Fred Phelps and seem to have completely missed a good deal of Christ's message.

Anonymous said...

Served your time in prison? Good for you. Don't believe in God? Fark you, you're going back

Atheists get Hell AND jail time!