Monday, February 17, 2014

Answering Kirk Hastings: Eighth Question for Darwinists

This post is part of the ongoing saga to answer the questions asked by Kirk Hastings of the defunct Evidence 4 Faith podcast. This post addresses the fifth question of Kirk's "Top Ten Questions for Darwinists."

8) If life DID "evolve", then why did it ever evolve beyond weeds, ants and cockroaches, which are much better equipped for reproduction and survival than we are?
Kirk seems unaware of the fact that human beings have decimated such creatures with agriculture, our control of fire, and the chemistry of insecticides and herbicides. It remains to be seen if our larger brains and complex thought processes will let us adapt faster than the organisms Kirk is implying are superior to us.
We are the sum result of the random mutations that gave our ancestors advantages over the competition. If humans change the environment enough that we are no longer the best adapted species, we will suffer as a result. Evolutionary "dead ends" are ultimately species that lost the battle for survival. If insects and weeds really are better adapted than we are, we'll die out in the end while they survive.

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