Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Truth about Atlantis THEY don't want you to know

Atlantis was one of the fictional societies Plato described to illustrate his ideas. Before Plato, there was NO reference to Atlantis or an Atlantis like society. All such references since stemmed from Plato's obvious philosophical construct.

The hunt for Atlantis is, quite literally, as comical and laughable as people trying to find the "Real" Hogworts, Utopia or Mordor 5,000 years from now.

There was never an Atlantis, it was obvious from Plato's work he never expected anyone to think it was real. Despite this brain dead morons have spent entire lifetimes trying to manufacture "proof" of a fictional society created to illustrate philosophical ideals. While I first learned this startling truth in a college philosophy course, the Wikipedia article on Atlantis is a good starting point for those new to the topic.

It was a common convention in Plato's time to create a fictional society or city to illustrate a philosophical point or argument. No one really considered "Atlantis" anything more than a philosophical construct until the 19th century or so. Around that time some of the noteworthy flakes started merging assorted "lost world" myths in a desperate attempt to give them some credence. The general idea seemed to be if they took enough unrelated, unsupported legends and combined them, they could create something with a sheen of plausibility.

The fact that people are still discussing the possibility of an obviously fictional island is proof their patchwork creativity worked.


Unknown said...

You're an idiot.

Platon (not plato), didn't invent Atlantis.

He took this account from ancient egyptians, and possibly embellished...

But Atlantis (and Lemuria) are real.

Granted, a lot of the 'fact's ABOUT Atlantis have been conjured and are fictional.

This doesn't mean Atlantis didn't exist.

While the truth doesn't always lie in the middle, in this case, you're dead wrong.

Do some more research. And taking a philosophy 101 course doesn't do anything except highlight how intellectually lazy you are.

Matthew Miller said...

Do you have any actual sources for a pre-Plato description of Atlantis? So far all you've offered is empty ridicule.

I feel bad for you said...

I also find this to be nothing but empty ridicule. You can't simply decide something isn't there just because you haven't seen it with your own eyes yet.
I also find it interesting that you call people "brain dead morons" when you don't even now where to put a comma and don't bother to proofread somehing before you post it. That line should have read "Despite this, brain dead morons have spent entire lifetimes...". But you make yourself sound like the moron instead. That's what happens when you insist on keeping a closed mind.

paura nella said...

Atlantis was actually he name Plato gave, because of a group of inaders, highly advancedfor the time compared to others, invaded Athens. This was a superior milliatrary force that had perfected Navel warefare and was setting out to conquest, including parts of North Africa, Egypyt, Malaysia and other surrounding areas. Athens put up a struggle and was able to repel the Invaders. Shortly afterwards, their island located somewhere in Medterrianian Atlantic was destroyed overnight by what is believed by some today to be a massive Tsunami. Greeks like Plato embellesed this, believing the gods had intervened and destroyed their enimies when during the invasion temples where burned to the ground and defiled. During this periiod in history, there are similer accounts of a mass of a huighly advanced (by there perceptuion) invasion with similierties in description of being futuristic and divine, then there civilization being wiped out in one night, but they all have differnt names of who these invaders were, because they came from nowhere. Plato chose to call their civilization Atantis in his writings due to them coming from the Atlantic in historical accounts.

Matthew Miller said...


What is your SOURCE for these claims of yours?

Jware said...

Ok,ok, pyramids on either side of where Atlantis was claimed to be. Identical ideology, and similar architecture alone are proof enough that there were peoples from one early civilization that settled on either side of the atlantic. Atlantis was originally an Egyptian fact. Many of the founders of the civilization they are famed for came from the sea and explained the home they knew as a majestic island in the middle of the sea was destroyed.
Thoth, the egyptian God of wisdom was a real person who was later proclaimed to be a God, because of all the knowledge he had bestowed on the peoples of Egypt.Do some more research and do not take the mainstream learning avenue for their word on anything. HIStory has be retold many times. This has been done for various reasons. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

its amazing how ppl calls others stupid because of their beliefs or they forget or don't use commas or quotations but when u call somebody on it make sure your spelling is accurate lmao otherwise your point is meaningless and mute and you look like a moron to lol