Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st Financial, the pain continues

Called 1st Financial, and they claimed that my credit card had a, get this, $0.28 balance. For a second I thought they might have left the finance charge on the card, but the finance charge was $0.50

I called their customer service line at 8:31 pm, EST, Jan 22, 2008 and was transferred to "Patrick".

When I described the problem he said "how about I zero that out for you sir?" I thanked him and said I also wanted to close the account. He said the account was already closed and I should get another statement on the 5th of Feb.

I await the next volley with baited breath.

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Anonymous said...

Frickin' hillarious. I went through this exact same thing with my Bankfirst Action-card Visa a year ago. I was literally geting statements with a zero balance from those jokers for a year after I had closed it. They would randomly and periodically charge me this fee or that fee on my "open" account that would put me over my limit and trigger additional fees. They would always take the charges off after I complained, but they wouldnt close the damned thing!The company went bankrupt, doesnt even exist anymore, and yet it's STILL reported on my credit as an open account to this day! We really do need to beef up civil and criminal penalties for this kind of thing if it's ever going to stop. Credit card companies and telemarketers engage in this kind of crap because they know they will never- or at least rarely- be held accountable for their illegal activities to an extent that they lose more money than they gain.