Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bambie III: Out for Justice

This is Disney's latest foray into action movies. Here's what I found on the dust jacket of the Pirate DVD a friend bought in Hong Kong:

Bambie III: Out for Justice
The forest is under attack, and Bambi's father is dead. Every night is spent tormented by nightmares of the man who killed both his mother and father. Every day is spent fleeing the hunters who wade into the underbrush, killing everything that moves.

Then comes the day when his lifelong companion Thumper is gunned down. While cradling his dying friend in his hooves, Bambi vows vengeance.

Armed only with his new antlers and his thirst for justice, Bambi sets out to foil the murderers who, he learns, are planning a final attack on to kill every rabbit, deer, skunk and four legged creature in the forest.

Can Bambie and his rag tag band of forest creatures triumph against the guns, bows and traps of the enemy? Can they even survive, let alone find victory?

And who is the small, mysterious creature speaking words of encouragement from the shadows? Is it a friend trying to help, a foe leading him into a trap or is Bambi simply being driven mad by the terror of war?

1 comment:

angel said...

uhhh...."lifelong companion?
disney sequel? ewwww.
rather see pixar thanks much.
even shrek is better than the crap they are turning out. i want to go and smack the heads of the disney people. its just soo wrong...