Friday, March 16, 2007

Mac Software Links

Resources are always a good thing. In this case, resources for Mac software are a good thing, as my primary home machine is a Mac.

This is posted mainly for my own reference.

Sites to peruse: This site lets users vote on their favorite Mac apps. Hopefully it will remain in that lovely sweet spot. Popular enough for the results to be useful, but not so popular that greedy Spammers game the site to pimp their wares. A simple categorized list of applications. The link is to their Graphics Section.

DarwinPorts "Only the best will survive, we promise"

Here's a list of applications I really should get around to trying for myself.

Silverkeeper: (I personally prefer iBackup)
VLC Media Player:
Loro (Tiger only)
SimpleImage has been recommended as an Irfanview replacement.

This Digg discussion is interesting mainly because of the alternative applications discussed in the comments.

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