Monday, March 12, 2007

Really Messed up News

Germany has it's share of messed up events. Thanks to, I've learned about one that's twisted by even Germany standards.

The duo pictured in this photo (copied from, but not hotlinked, don't steal bandwidth!) are in love. They have four kids, but the law is trying to keep them apart.

Why would the law intervene? Why would this man go to prison over their relationship?

Because they're brother and sister.

The brother had a vasectomy to try and persuade the government to let them stay together.

They're even challenging the law that makes it illegal for bother and sister to get together. The grounds for that challenge? Because it wasn't illegal to bang your sister until Hitler made it so. "This is a NAZI law! We should abolish it!"

(Side note, Hitler was himself the product of generations of incest.)

They're making such a fuss that the media is even talking about Incest, and the places where it's legal.

The story of accused Child Molester Mario Sims is downright mild by comparison. While he did cut off an electronic monitoring bracelet to skip the state and appear on Jerry Springer, he's only trying to marry his half sister, and they only have ONE kid together. Mantarctica once again has the best write-up of the stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for checking out the site, reading our stories, and linking it at the bottom, but if you could give us proper credit for the pictures used and the articles, that would be great.


Matthew Miller said...

I've made a few edits, chiefly additions of references to your site.

I was already using a copy of the image as opposed to a hotlinked one, but now the image links back to your write-up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton! Let it not be said, the internet is void of upstanding individuals like your self!

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