Monday, March 12, 2007

Church of the SubGenius membership costs woman her son


A woman has a son. She and the child's father part ways, but she retains custody.

She remarries.

At some point she starts participating in Church of the SubGenius events.

Years go by.

The ex decides he wants custody, so he starts the legal proceedings to declare the woman an "unfit mother." As evidence, he submits pictures of the woman at a SubGenius X-Day event.

The judge is so morally outraged by the pictures, which include a parody of the crucification with Jesus in clown makeup being beaten with, among other things, a Dildo, that he not only grants the ex full custody, but orders that the woman have NO contact with her son. The Judge confuses the SubGenius with a real religion, and refers to the "Art performances" as "Orgies."

Legal battles ensue. At this point, the custody battle has cost the woman over $73,000 USD and she still doesn't have her son back. The current judge continues to confuse SubGenius with a real religion and does things like order her to remove all SubGenius materials from her home.

The full story, complete with up to the minute information can be found at

The Cleveland Free Times article is a bit easier to parse than's write up.
When Rachel took Kohl to the airport on December 18, she had no idea that a few days later Jary would tell a judge in Orleans County, New York that Rachel was homeless. No idea that without checking on the claim — without even sending a perfunctory notice of a hearing — the court would grant her son's father sole, temporary custody.
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